Monday, November 01, 2010

Recent pictures

So, I feel some responsibility to post pictures on this blog. You'll note that by "some" I mean "almost none", seeing as how I've posted, what, 3 times in the last year? I have put some on Facebook, haven't I? Doesn't that count? I think the problem is that I take 300 pictures over the course of a few weeks and then I look through them, and there are either (a) one or two that are any good, or (b) they are all just normal pictures of my kids, and there's nothing special about them, other than they are my kids, and I happen to think they are really cute. Even when they are just standing there, in the door to the bathroom, looking at you.

Plus, my phone has a few cool apps on it for cameras, that do these cool effects. So, gotta use those, right?

We've use that Tiger costume now for three of them. Ok, see, this next one may seem repetitive, but that's such a Gwen face, that I have to put it in.

And this one, well, I can't explain why I like it so much: Probably the inherent Aerinness of the face. And Gwen waiting patiently, as a tiger, with a bink. It's just all kinds of awesome.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jack's Birthday and Such

Well, Jack "graduated" from kindergarten. Thank goodness he passed metalshop. Aerin was only there for the free cookies.
Sometimes, not knowing how the hell to operate your camera can result in cool pictures.
Gwen likes to sit with people like this, just sit and hold their ears. Drives Apryl crazy but Halle seems to like it.

Jack wanted to go bowling for his birthday.
He's really pretty good.
It's all in the body language he imparts to the ball while it's pursuing the pins.
Hooray, a spare!
He also got a scooter, a Hot Wheels scooter.
These are the bowling cupcakes that Apryl made. Cool, huh?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's been a long time. A long time.

But, we were outside today, all day, doing yardwork, which I hated when I was a kid/young adult, and now that I have a house, I still hate, but hate while doing. Anyway, to alleviate the drudgery, I took some pictures. I've always thought that my kids are much better looking outside, when the natural sunlight can interact with their eyes and such.

Jack is a character.

This is some version of Calvinball.

Aerin knows kung fu.

Gwen's eyes take up half of her face, I swear.

She looks like an elf.

I'm so glad our neighbor across the street on Darah gave us her old swing set. It never got used when we were at Bullpen, but now that we're here, those kids love to swing.

And, my parents gave us their old swing, thing, and Gwen seems to have a tongue fixation.

Jack LOVES Dancing With The Stars. And he loves dancing with the stars.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Halle's Party

Halle was super excited to have her family over for her party, including...

her cousin Ava, as well as...

her aunt Shelby, who likes to wrestle with Aerin.

She was especially glad to get some presents.

Apryl made this awesome cake, made up of a bunch of cupcakes. You can see the delicious, edible candles, with delicious edible flames.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's Halle's Birthday!

She is seven (7) years old. I cannot beLIEVE that we have a child that old. She is beautiful and I love her and I'll post a bunch more pictures tonight or tomorrow of her when she was younger and such. But for now, here she is at lunch today (please excuse the crappiness of my camera-phone):

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well, the truth is, I forgot to get any pictures of the food. Not that people like to look at pictures of food, but Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays which seems to be centered around eating (Halloween and Valentine's Day being the others). But since everyone except Robyn, Keith and Ava were here, Greg took a bunch of pictures of people. So, here are some of them:

This is just the "snack" side of things.

Hanging out after dinner.

Uncle Trevor keeps the kids riled up. In fact, now when my kids ask me for a piggyback ride, I tell them they'll have to wait until uncle Trevor visits again: I can't compete.

This is our house.